New Security Guard Job In India 2020

New Security Guard Job In India 2020. In today’s article we will tell you in full detail what a security guard job you can do and it is going to be very beneficial for you and in today’s cycle we will tell you that job If you want to know how you can get and how to apply online and a lot of things if you want to know, you will be given training to read this article carefully first and then You can do your job.

Complete Detail of this Job

If you like this job and you want to get it, we are giving you full details below. The job of this job is what you have to say. How much salary will you get? You have done a lot of things that We are going to tell you below to see them carefully


You can get this job in Mumbai. You are in the city of Mumbai. You have to do this job as a security guard.


If you want to get this job, it is very important for you to have passed at least 10th class because if you can do it, that is why the job is mandatory here so that you can study up to some class. Must be written


The salary you will be paid in the beginning will be from ten thousand to fifteen thousand per month. If you work for a long time on loan, then your salary will also be increased.

Selection process

Because a lot of people will apply for this job and want to get this job, the company has decided that she has really taken the interview, that is, she will ask you some questions and answers if you have answered them correctly. If you answer then this job will be given to you.

How to Apply

If you like this job that we have told you is a security guard job, if you like it and you want to apply for it, we have given you a link below, you can click on it. To do and a website will come up there you have given your information and you have applied online then you will be called. Click here online apply

Extra Benefits

In addition you will be given a high level of shoes and clothes security guard and also you will be given rest time and bread will also be given to you. Holidays you will rarely get in this job because the security guard The job has to be done all day long.

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